Pandemic Proves That Flexible Medical Inventory Is a Must

January 5, 2021 by Nixon Medical

The words “unprecedented”, “unpredictable”, and “unknown” have been discussed lot this year. While these words have become mainstays of casual conversations surrounding COVID-19, they also carry with them a lot of stress on affected industries, businesses, and services, including outpatient healthcare. Stay-at-home orders that escalated at the start of COVID-19 caused a suspension of elective … Continued

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Disposable Medical Apparel Is Deflating Your Bottom Line

December 9, 2020 by Nixon Medical

To reuse or to dispose? That is the question. In fact, it is a question that has provoked debates and research in healthcare settings for decades. Today, however, experts agree that reusing medical textiles is the optimal method. Some of the primary benefits of reusing medical gowns, linens, and other textiles include maintaining a base … Continued

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3 Reasons Why Outpatient Healthcare Needs HLAC-Accredited Laundering

September 24, 2020 by Nixon Medical

All types of industries require laundering services, from healthcare and hotels to manufacturing and restaurants. There are laundering companies that serve all of these industries, using the same facilities, delivery trucks, and operating procedures for each. Outpatient healthcare centers, however, produce hazardous medical linens and laundry and therefore require specialized medical laundry services to minimize … Continued

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Why Your Medical Laundry Inventory Program Doesn’t Work

August 11, 2020 by Nixon Medical

At your outpatient facility, you spend most of your time ensuring that your patients, clinicians, and staff are taken care of. This involves a lot of different details, like managing operations, weekly schedules, and your medical laundry inventory program. Your medical laundry and linens are a vital part of your operation and play an important … Continued

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The Importance of HLAC-Accredited Laundering Services

July 28, 2020 by Nixon Medical

Non-urgent healthcare organizations and outpatient centers are reopening and scrutinizing their safety and sanitation programs right now. Health institutions and federal and state requirements are urging these healthcare centers to get organized prior to reopening and be diligent about formalizing safety protocols that will impact the wellbeing and comfort levels of staff and patients. One … Continued

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Control Infectious Diseases with Quality Medical Linen Services

March 12, 2020 by Nixon Medical

In a busy outpatient medical facility like yours, staff routinely interacts with a wide variety of medical linens that are exposed to contaminants, including lab coats, scrubs, towels, patient apparel, and floor mats, just to name a few. Improper laundry handling can expose staff and patients to bloodborne pathogens, and other hazards that could have … Continued

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Free up Staff with a Healthcare Linen & Laundry Service Program

February 20, 2020 by Nixon Medical

Has your medical facility ever been so backed up that you simply can’t keep up with your laundry needs? Have you ever opened a storage closet in search of towels, aprons, scrubs, or other medical garments and found nothing but a disorganized mess, or even worse, empty shelves? These frustrations can seriously hamper the office … Continued

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Basics of Healthcare Linen Inventory Management for Outpatient Facilities

January 20, 2020 by Nixon Medical

Outpatient facilities spend around 20% of revenue on supplies.1 This significant percentage means inventory is big business to suppliers, not to mention mission-critical to outpatient facilities and staff. From patient and clinician garments to bed and bath linens, healthcare linen inventory management is important to a well-run outpatient facility. Proper healthcare linen inventory management translates … Continued

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The Nixon Medical Service Difference: Benefits of Our Medical Linen Services

December 20, 2019 by Nixon Medical

Nixon Medical is your complete source for medical apparel, linens, and garments for outpatient facilities. We have the experience and resources it takes to help with every aspect of your medical linen and laundry needs, including laundering, folding, delivery, and stocking services. Our All About ServiceTM guarantee is ingrained into everything we do, including: Accurate … Continued

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Ways to Control Infectious Outbreaks in Your Outpatient Facility

December 17, 2019 by Nixon Medical

Proper healthcare textile management is essential to ensuring the health and safety of patients and clinicians alike. Every patient, medical professional, staff member, and launderer that interacts with medical laundry, like patient gowns and robes or clinician scrubs and linens, plays a part in preventing the spread of disease and infection. An unfortunate case in … Continued

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