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We have been using Nixon Medical at our office now for just over a year. I am 1000% satisfied with their service and care that they provide. Mario delivers our linens and takes such good care of us. We have developed a relationship with him that is not like any other service provider that we have. Alton checks in time to time to make sure that Mario is doing great. We have had at least three other vendors for linen within my time here at the office, and Nixon is by far the best provider that we have had. They are prompt with resolutions to issues, they provide consistent billing, and I never have to worry about the linen counts that I am getting. If there is an issue, they are always up front with the issue and already have a plan to fix it.

For linen providers, Nixon has set the bar so high, I do not see any other company being able to surpass, or even match the level of satisfaction that you have provided for us. Thank you for being such a joy and pleasure to work with.

— Jayme Gill, Envision Imaging at Pennsylvania

We could not be any more satisfied with the new linen service. Marty is awesome and we have not been without inventory since the transition. Huge thank you to you and your team!

— Helen, Administrator at a Surgery Center, PA

Nixon Medical is one of the companies that make worrying about linen and scrubs almost non-existent. Good communication and an inventory tool that you share with your service manager and route service representative can help eliminate any errors that may occur. Nixon Medical has proven many times their willingness to go above and beyond in making extra deliveries or getting scrubs to us on a day other than our usual schedule. They have also suggested potential solutions to our challenges of being a high-volume, small facility. This allows us to focus on our patients first thing in the morning by not worrying if we will have scrubs to wear or linens for our stretchers. It may seem like a small part of the overall picture in caring for patients, but each small part adds up to the difference between a patient experience being positive or negative.

— Surgical Center, PA

It is our Route Service Representative, Jonathan. With all the holidays, he made sure that we were notified with the days and schedules. He was very accommodating.

— Gastroenterology, NY

It is our Route Service Representative. I left a message to come see me, and he came right down and answered my questions. He goes out of his way, and he is very friendly. He checks in with me every week. Recently he introduced me to the guys who will be covering for him while he is training. He is helpful and kind.

— Pediatric Office, MA

Our Route Service Representative and his manager came in. We had requested a mat and they brought it over. They told us to try it out for a week and if we like it, they will add it and, if not, then they can just come and take it back.

— Oncology, TX

It is their friendly attitude and punctuality. They just arrive on the same day, at the same time, every week. They are friendly and always say hello and always have a great personality. The products look very clean and nicely pressed.

— Family Health Practice, PA

They are on time as far as delivering, and they deliver the supply needed without us having to remind them. They know where to go to get our soiled towels and put the new in the right place. They are clean in what they are doing, very respectful and professional. We have no complaints and are very pleased with the service.


Their customer service is great. Every time we have had an issue or a problem, they have called us and worked things out. Our Route Service Representative is great. He always makes sure that we have all the supplies we need.

— Dermatologist, NJ

It is my Route Service Representative. He always makes sure that I have what I need and always checks in with me before he leaves, to make sure I don’t need anything. He is extremely responsive.

— Urgent Care, NY

Our Route Service Representative, Ray, always makes sure that we are taken care of. He is the friendliest person I have ever dealt with, and I have been in health care for 30 years. He has a brilliant smile. He knows us by name. Ray knows all the information. He comes to us if there is a problem. It is nice to have someone there who is looking out for us. He is a 10 plus. He is the best vendor I have ever dealt with.

— Imaging Facility, PA

I was in the process of changing locations for deliveries. The new address that we will be changing. When I call customer service, they are responsive. Our Route Service Representative is very helpful. I always find dealing with Nixon a pleasurable experience. They never give me a hard time. It is always an easy experience, and any changes that I make are hassle free.

— Massage Spa, PA

It is our Route Service Representative. He is the most friendly and down-to-earth guy. He checks the jackets when he brings them and checks in with me. Ed doesn’t just drop off the supplies and leave; he makes sure we are satisfied with the products. If he sees an issue, he addresses it for us.

— Medical Center, PA

The quality of linens and microfiber that Nixon provides us plays a large part in how our patient rooms look when someone first enters the room. First impressions mean so much to our patients and their family members. We are blessed to have everyone there on our team. Please pass our news and gratitude along to everyone there. We could not have done it without all of you.

— Hospital, TX

We searched for a laundry service vendor in tune with our needs. As Nixon customers since 2006, we know we can count on them for consistent, clean product delivery. And our Route Service Representative knows everybody and we see him as part of our team.

— Surgery Center, NJ

We were tired of laundry service representatives changing on a weekly basis. We never knew who was coming. Nixon provided us with a dedicated Route Service Representative to manage our account. We also benefitted from improved product quality and active inventory maintenance.

— Surgery Center

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