Nixon Medical’s healthcare storage solutions offer an easy way to create a safe, clean, and organized facility for your staff and patients. Our selection of storage solutions includes OSHA-compliant medical laundry hampers, hanger racks and rails, garment lockers, laundry lockups, and replacement cam locks.

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Our team understands the challenges of tight spaces and storage constraints in outpatient healthcare centers. We work with you to assess your floorplan and identify the best healthcare storage solutions.

Browse our selection of medical supply storage systems and solutions. Contact us to help you assess your space and choose healthcare storage solutions that work best in your facility.

Regular Hamper

This regular medical laundry hamper features an X-brace design. This biohazard medical hamper is clearly labeled, OSHA-compliant, and fits most spaces for soiled linen and garment storage.

  • Steel frame construction
  • Standard X-brace design
  • Folds flat for storage

Premium Hamper

The premium medical laundry hamper features a pedal-actuated lid with multi-dimensional wheels. It offers the same OSHA-compliant labeling as the regular hamper for safe and easy soiled product storage.

  • Steel frame construction
  • Crack-resistant ABS plastic lid
  • Pedal-actuated lid
  • Multi-directional locking wheels

Hanger Rack

This hanger rack is a standard healthcare storage solution designed to easily stack garment hangers. It is made of a wire construction and helps prevent tangling of garments for hassle-free pickup.

  • Wire construction
  • Holds hundreds of hangers
  • Prevents tangling and promotes organization
  • Comes with a no-charge recycling service

Stationary Garment Rail

This stationary garment rail is available in two sizes. It is a sturdy and freestanding healthcare storage solution that can be relocated with ease for use in locker rooms, hallways, entrance ways, and other areas of your facility.

  • Available in 3’ and 5’ lengths
  • Freestanding and sturdy
  • Fits anywhere and is easily movable
  • Holds numerous garments

Folded Garment Locker

This folded garment locker securely stores folded garments with a neat and space-saving construction. It is a preferred healthcare storage solution for tight spaces.

  • Sized 16 1/2” W x 16” D x 77 1/2” H
  • 10 compartments
  • Cam lock system
  • Powder coat finish

Standard Laundry Lockup

This standard laundry lockup is designed to securely store soiled garments. It can be used to easily maintain a clean and functional locker room or changing facility.

  • Available in 16 ½”W x 16”D x 77 ½”H
  • Secure soiled linen storage
  • Powder coat finish
  • Cam lock system

Hanging Garment Locker

This hanging garment locker is an 8-bay system that allows staff to securely store hanging garments to support a clean and functional locker room or changing facility.

  • Sized 30 19/32” W x 21 7/16” D x 80 13/16” H
  • 8 compartments
  • Powder coat finish
  • Ergonomically friendly hanging bar
  • Cam lock system

Replacement Lock

This replacement lock is a tumble cylinder cam lock that adds security to any locker system. It is designed for easy use and replacement.

  • Tumble cylinder cam lock
  • Key activated (2 keys provided)
  • Die-case construction

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