Nixon Medical’s microfiber and antimicrobial mops are designed specifically for medical environments and guaranteed to make your cleaning staff’s regime more effective. Our microfiber mop systems include high-tech microfiber mops, traditional hospital mops with built-in antimicrobial protection, and mopping accessories such as handles and buckets. Made for hospitals, outpatient centers, and clinics, our mop systems provide superior cleaning results in environments where sanitation matters most.

Choosing a Microfiber Mop System

We can help you choose the right microfiber mop cleaning solutions for your outpatient healthcare center based on your facility’s size, patient volume, rigor-of-use, and cleaning methods that your staff uses on a regular basis. We will check and replenish your supplies during regularly scheduled visits.

Browse our selection of antimicrobial and microfiber mop systems designed specifically for use in medical environments, including hospitals and outpatient healthcare centers.

Antimicrobial Wet Mop System

This antimicrobial wet mop system features blended fibers to provide the ideal balance of absorbency, odor resistance, and appearance while releasing the appropriate properties.

  • Blended fibers
  • Antimicrobial
  • Wet mop handle available
  • Banded and looped fibers

Microfiber Mop System

This microfiber mop system uses strong, ultra-fine fibers (1/16” the width of a human hair) that are positively charged to attract dust and dirt particles. Used in conjunction with an adjustable handle, swivel head frame, and portable bucket, this mop is used in hospitals and outpatient practices to clean floors at the bacteria level while reducing water and chemical usage by 95%.

  • Lint-free
  • Polyester/polyamide
  • Super absorbent
  • Telescopic handle
  • Swivel frame

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