We are medical and apparel linen service specialists—emphasis on service. Beyond all the apparel, linens and supplies you need, we also provide impeccable services backed by our All About Service™ Guarantee. From inventory and storage management solutions and free deliveries to advanced laundering and custom embroidery, you can run a more efficient and professional outpatient center.

Our Xpert Inventory Management™ and storage solutions ensure you never have to worry about lost or stolen garments and linens again. Rather, every item in your facility will be tracked through intelligent inventory management solutions, eliminating the burden of unavailable garments and linens for your clinicians and patients, and therefore, preventing your facility from repurchasing costly inventory.

Here’s how our solutions benefit you:

For Garments

man using barcode scanning technology on nurse scrubs

Our intelligent barcode scanning technology via handheld PDA devices tracks every clean and soiled garment by size, wearer and finishing method and bills the correct wearer for missing ones.

  • Save money by passing scrub-loss costs onto the appropriate person
  • Eliminate the time-consuming need to manually count items
  • Coach your desired organizational behaviors in your facility

For Linens

worker running medical linens through tracking system

Our sophisticated tracking systems ensure all of your linens from wash cloths to pillowcases are accounted for every time they come into and go out of your outpatient facility.

  • Ensure clinicians and patients always have what they need
  • Don’t ever worry about missing or lost linens again
  • Set up a tracking system that’s unique to your inventory

For Storage

doctor using medical scrub dispensing machine

Our scrub dispensing machines through ScrubTrak and ScrubEx, feature authorized access controls to help you reduce inventory leakage.

  • Save money from eliminating scrub loss issues and costs
  • Increase productivity by having a centralized solution
  • Gain inventory control through authorized access controls

Free Expedited Special Deliveries

Don’t fret about unexpected needs. For no added costs, your Route Service Representative will make special deliveries by the next business day, ensuring your staff and patients always have what they need.

Custom Embroidery & Graphics

Give your office and clinicians more opportunities to represent your brand with our meticulous embroidery and embellishment services that can place any name, logo or graphic on your lab coats, scrubs and floor mats. Our embroidery services are handled in-house and are held the highest standards of professionalism, accuracy and durability to keep your embroidered medical apparel and mats intact.

Advanced Laundering Facilities

We operate the most advanced, healthcare-specific laundering facilities in the country. The opportunity for cross-contamination is eliminated through negative airflow and physical separation between soiled and clean product in our facilities and delivery vehicles. We process all products using state-of-the-art laundering techniques that meet or exceed hospital standards.

Common Documentation Requests

  • Exposure control plan
  • Bloodborne pathogens requirements
  • Facility cleaning policies and procedures
  • HLAC accreditation
  • Laundry facility statements

Common Specification Requests

  • Laundering temperatures
  • Wash formulas
  • Process times
  • Titration reports
  • Universal precautions requirements
  • Training programs

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