Enhancing the Patient Experience with Reusable Medical Apparel

January 28, 2021 by Nixon Medical

If the staff and clinicians in your outpatient healthcare center have ever had a conversation about reusable versus disposable medical apparel and linens, you’re not alone. This is a hot topic in healthcare facilities of all kinds, and we are here to help your facility come to a conclusion once and for all.

Our recent eBook, The Case for Switching from Disposable to Reusable Medical Apparel, provided a comprehensive look at the benefits of going reusable. We followed that up with the blog, Disposable Medical Apparel Is Deflating Your Bottom Line, which gave clear data showing how reusable medical apparel can bring significant cost savings to outpatient facilities.

Today, we’re looking at reusable medical apparel from a different angle. From ensuring basic comforts to promoting environmentally conscious practices, the medical garments and apparel you provide to your patients greatly impact their experience and satisfaction.

In this blog, we’re going to explore how making the switch to reusable medical apparel can significantly enhance patient experiences in your outpatient facility.

Increase Comfort & Confidence

You’ve been there before. Dressed in a disposable paper medical gown with an open back, sitting on a cold exam table with a roll of stiff white paper uncomfortably digging into the undersides of your thighs. Disposable gowns can be scratchy against the skin, often lacking appropriate coverage. In today’s healthcare market, where every practice is doing all they can to attract and keep the right patients, offering patient apparel of a significantly higher quality won’t go unnoticed.

With reusable cloth medical apparel, patients get a completely different experience. Reusable medical apparel is far more comfortable than disposable, helps keep patients warm, and eliminates crinkling, creasing, and tearing, even when it gets wet. Most disposable gowns are one-size-fits-all, while cloth gowns come in many sizes so every patient can enjoy the same level of coverage and dignity.

Offer Environmentally Friendly Solutions

In terms of environmental impact, reusable medical apparel is far more sustainable compared to disposables, especially when processed in environmentally friendly medical laundry facilities such as those at Nixon Medical. Many patients today want to know that their healthcare provider is environmentally conscious. Your decision to choose the sustainable option is an attractive feature that contributes to the overall patient experience and the good of the environment.

Disposable medical apparel gets used up, torn, and soiled so frequently, it inevitably leads to frequent buildups of potentially hazardous waste within medical facilities, along with unnecessary and excessive contributions to landfills. With reusable medical apparel, you create less waste, maintain safer facilities, and give patients peace of mind with a more comfortable and eco-friendly experience.

Making the Switch to Reusable Medical Apparel

We know change can be difficult. But when that change brings significant benefits to your patients, clinicians, staff, and bottom line—especially during uncertain times like these—we hope you can see that making the switch to reusable medical apparel offers undeniable value. One of the easiest ways to transition to reusable medical apparel for your outpatient facility is to start talking with your team about the clear patient benefits that come with it. Share this blog with them as a starting point.

From there, contact Nixon Medical for a reusable cost-savings assessment. We’ll review your current disposable apparel inventory and usage levels and get an understanding of your patient encounters to see how we can optimize your costs right away.

Written by Nixon Medical

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