Our fluid-resistant apparel delivers comfort, professionalism and performance with outstanding protection. Give your clinicians and patients the coverage they need during procedures, and in environments, that are prone to the spread of bodily fluids and bloodborne pathogens. Choose from fluid-resistant lab coats for men and women, and barrier gowns for patients, that are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Static-resistant gowns are also available for increased comfort and improved performance in environments where electrical charge from equipment is present.

When choosing your fluid-resistant gowns and lab coats, you can work with our team to determine your inventory needs based on procedure and patient volume. Then, you can rest assured that your outpatient center will always have the supplies it needs with our industry-recognized service difference, which includes in-house embroidery services. So, beyond just unisex fluid-resistant lab coats, we also offer regular, custom embroidered lab coats, so clinicians can represent their names and facilities.

This long length, fluid-resistant lab coat is made of 100% polyester ASEP fabric, and the back of the garment is made of 50% polyester/50% cotton fabric. It snaps in the front and has a preacher collar that can be worn open or snapped closed to cover the neck.

  • Reinforced concealed snap front closure
  • Left breast pocket and two lower patch pockets
  • Side slash openings to access pants pockets
  • Also available without pockets
  • Sizing S-5XL

This fluid-resistant lab coat has a snap front and features carbon fiber. It’s designed to protect the wearer from bodily fluids which may contain bloodborne pathogens and to dissipate static electricity in environments where any electric charge may pose a hazard or discomfort.

  • Carbon fiber
  • 3 pockets
  • 3” overlap closure
  • Cuffed sleeves

This fluid-resistant gown is designed to protect the wearer from bodily fluids and bloodborne pathogens. It contains antistatic properties for use in areas with sensitive testing equipment.

  • Antistatic fabric
  • Knit cuffs
  • Ties in back

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