Nixon Medical’s hospital gowns and robes provide comfort, coverage, and modesty to your patients. Our reusable linen hospital gowns, patient gowns, and medical robes are manufactured exclusively for Nixon Medical and come individually packaged in a customized patient apparel bag. We want your patients to feel confident and comfortable with their experience at your facility, which is why we provide linen hospital gowns over paper medical gowns. Let us help you enhance your patient experience with comforting and complete-coverage medical gowns and robes.

Choosing the Right Medical Gowns & Robes

Our team and dedicated Route Service Representatives know what types of medical gowns and robes work best in certain outpatient facilities. For example, women’s health centers have different patient gown needs than surgery centers, and we can help you determine the best inventory for your needs. Contact us to help you determine the appropriate styles, quantities, delivery schedule, and storage solutions, such as premium medical laundry hampers, to equip your facility with the supplies it needs.

Medical Gowns & Robes

Browse our wide selection of medical gowns and robes. Our reusable linen hospital gowns, patient gowns, and medical robes include back-closure, front-wrap, three-armhole, full-cut, child-size, cape, robe, and other hospital gown styles.

Complete Coverage Checkered Gown

This enhanced standard medical gown offers greater coverage in length, width and arms.

  • Rear opening
  • Side tie
  • V-Neck
  • Polyester
  • No shrinking or fading
  • Individually packaged
  • 100% Polyester

Traditional Blue Gown

This traditional blue gown is our number one best-selling medical gown features. It offers a better-than-average length and width.

  • Traditional-style, medical patient gown
  • Rear or front opening hospital gown
  • Generous cut and overlap
  • Long length for coverage
  • Individually wrapped
  • 80/20 Polyester/Cotton

Front Wrap Pink Patient Gown

This front wrap pink patient gown is our second best-selling premium quality medical gown. It is a frontal wrap (robe style) and is heavily used in OB/GYN practices or where female patients are served.

  • Frontal wrap around style
  • Expandable tie
  • Longer length for modesty
  • Individually packaged
  • 80%/20% Polyester/Cotton

Plus Size Teal Patient Gown

This is a premium plus-size medical gown for larger patients. The oversized, 5XL style with tie back, extra wide armholes and extra length make this hospital gown among the largest in the industry.

  • Extra-large patient gowns
  • Extra-wide armholes
  • Wrap-around coverage
  • Generous cut
  • Long length
  • 100% Polyester

Half Teal Cape Gown

This half teal patient gown is a hip-length cape designed primarily for practices where the patient is required to undress from the waist up. The style of this patient gown provides more coverage and modesty than a traditional over-the-head paper or cloth cape.

  • Jacket style, front-opening
  • Two tie closure
  • Hip length
  • Generous overlap
  • 80%/20 %Polyester/Cotton

3 Armhole Gray Gown

This 3-armohole gray patient gown is a premium quality hospital gown. It offers complete coverage and patient modesty.

  • Generous overlap
  • Long length
  • 3 armhole design
  • Complete wrap around coverage
  • 80%/20% Polyester/Cotton

Snowflake Economy Gown

This patient gown is longer than average length, high quality, packaged for storage ease, and sensibly priced. It is often used in medical imaging centers where a low-cost gown is needed.

  • Back or front opening
  • Offset tie for modesty
  • Two location tie closures
  • Attractive snowflake pattern
  • 55%/45% Cotton/Polyester

IV Gown with Snap Sleeve Closure

This snap sleeve medical gown is used extensively when an IV or patient-worn monitor is used. It features an exterior telemetry pocket at the sternum which allows access to the interior of the gown.

  • Snap two location rear tie closures
  • Easy access snap sleeve
  • Oversized
  • Telemetry pocket
  • 80%/20% Polyester/Cotton

Pediatric Gown

This snap sleeve medical gown is used extensively when an IV or patient-worn monitor is used. It features an exterior telemetry pocket at the sternum which allows access to the interior of the gown.

  • Two-position rear tie closures
  • Cats and dogs patterns (small gown)
  • Tie-dye (large gown)
  • 100% Polyester

Traditional Navy Medical Robe

The spa-style medical robe is primarily used in practices where patients may wait for extended periods of time. The extra-large style robe keeps patients covered, comfortable, and warm.

  • Heavyweight
  • Full length
  • Side ties
  • Generous overlap
  • Three-quarter length sleeves
  • Individually wrapped
  • 100% Polyester

Waffle Weave Medical Robe

This front opening, waffle weave medical robe is simple, warm, comfortable, and durable. Custom embroidery is available for this medical robe upon request.

  • Distinctive waffle pattern
  • Optional embroidery
  • Three-quarter length sleeves
  • Permanently sewn-on belt
  • One size fits most
  • Additional 2XL size available
  • 67%/33% Cotton/Polyester

Unisex Navy Scrub Shorts

These unisex navy scrub shorts are available exclusively from Nixon Medical. Scrub shorts provide unparalleled utility and performance and are designed for a variety of applications and practices.

  • Drawstring front closure
  • Color-coded draw string for sizing
  • XS to 5XL
  • Packaged by size
  • 55%/45% Polyester/Cotton

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