Pandemic Proves That Flexible Medical Inventory Is a Must

January 5, 2021 by Nixon Medical

The words “unprecedented”, “unpredictable”, and “unknown” have been discussed lot this year. While these words have become mainstays of casual conversations surrounding COVID-19, they also carry with them a lot of stress on affected industries, businesses, and services, including outpatient healthcare.

Stay-at-home orders that escalated at the start of COVID-19 caused a suspension of elective medical procedures and reduced patient counts. Just like all other businesses forced to temporarily shut their doors, it became absolutely critical for outpatient centers to reduce costs while patient visits, services, and subsequent revenue were at a standstill. For outpatient centers, many of which spend around 20% of revenue on supplies1, inventory like medical apparel and linens was a natural cost to cut or reduce.

While some outpatient centers found themselves locked into agreement minimums despite the unprecedented circumstances, others found relief from our flexible approach. Keep reading to discover how the pandemic has proved the value of flexible medical inventory programs.

What Is a Flexible Medical Inventory Program?

A flexible medical inventory program for outpatient healthcare means not being locked into contract minimums. In our industry, it’s common for outpatient centers to experience 80% minimums in their medical apparel and linen inventory agreements, regardless of circumstances. Flexible inventory management programs, however, require no minimums, allowing inventory to scale up or down based on your needs.

What Does Flexibility Have to Do with the Pandemic?

During an unpredictable circumstance such as COVID-19, having the ability to increase or decrease inventory at a moment’s notice has helped outpatient centers:

  • Meet urgent supply needs caused by surging patient volumes
  • Reduce deliveries and expenses for unneeded or unused inventory
  • Provide peace-of-mind when it is needed most

While most outpatient healthcare facilities reopened in late Spring with added safety measures, these facilities are still seeing major changes to patient volumes and flow. With a predicted “next wave” of COVID-19 cases, there is always a chance that mandated shutdowns will happen again. Knowing that, outpatient healthcare facilities that struggled with stringent agreements in the Spring should consider the benefits of no-minimum agreements. 

What Does Nixon Medical’s Flexible Approach Mean for My Outpatient Center?

Learn what Nixon Medical’s flexible approach can mean for your outpatient center by reading this real story of one outpatient surgery center that found relief and financial security during the pandemic.

A New York-based surgical center that specializes in same-day procedures was looking to change its medical apparel and linen provider during the beginning months of COVID-19. The center’s management team had just changed, so the new Office Manager reached out to an affiliate center to see who they were using. The affiliate center recommended Nixon Medical, explaining how they reduced inventory levels during the shutdowns without a problem. This caught the attention of the Office Manager, as her existing vendor held the center responsible to 80% inventory minimums despite being shut down.

Nixon Medical partnered with the surgical center, plus two of the affiliate locations, providing financial security and peace-of-mind that in the event of another shutdown due to local, state, or federal regulations, the center(s) would not be charged for its unused medical apparel and linens.

Nixon Medical was also able to keep costs down, limit disruption, and increase safety and productivity by providing pickup, delivery, and stocking services twice per week instead of three times like the previous vendor. Our flexible approach to inventory management during an unpredictable time in our country’s history made this surgery center comfortable and confident in their decision. In addition to our flexible approach and efficient service, we also demonstrated rapid responsiveness by working to accommodate an overnight shipment for scrubs and surgical gowns prior to the center becoming a client—an early example of our industry-recognized service difference.

Read more case studies here about how U.S.-based outpatient centers have overcome the crippling impacts of COVID-19 through our flexible approach.

Find Relief for Your Outpatient Center Before It’s Too Late

If your outpatient center was frustrated by contract minimums during the recent shutdowns or as your patient volumes and flows continue to shift, take your first step towards relief today by contacting us. We’re a leading service provider of medical linens and apparel serving outpatient healthcare centers nationwide. We provide trusted medical apparel and linen rental services, HLAC-accredited laundering services, expert inventory management, and custom, reliable service. We focus specifically on outpatient healthcare centers with:

  • No minimums required, ever
  • Expert inventory management
  • Free same-day special deliveries
  • Access to Route Service Representative

For more information or to get started, contact us now.






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