Nixon Medical’s hospital linens and medical linens provide comfort to patients and ease-of-movement to clinicians. Unlike paper healthcare products, linen products offer comfort, confidence, and proper coverage. As the importance of patient satisfaction increases, we want to help you provide your patients with the best experience possible. Our medical linens, including sheets, blankets, and underpads, are eco-friendly, sealed in plastic, and neatly stocked in your facility by our Route Service Representatives.

Managing Your Medical Linen Rentals & Inventory

Determining the right levels of inventory, and the medical linen products that should be purchased versus rented can be cumbersome. Our specialists will work with you to determine which medical linen rentals are right for your facility and patient volume. As your dedicated medical linen supplier, we will manage your inventory and storage solutions, such as medical laundry hampers, to keep your facility stocked and tidy.


Medical Linens & Hospital Linens

Choose from our variety of medical linens, sheets, blankets, and more, designed to fit most beds, gurneys, and pillows. If you are unsure about the best medical linen solutions for your facility or equipment types, contact us and one of our expert medical linen supply specialists will assist you.

Drape Sheets

These drape sheets are also known as half sheets or draw sheets. They are used as a patient cover or to transport patients from one bed to another.

  • Regular Sheet – 54”W x 69”L
  • Green hem for color-coded size identification
  • No property marks
  • Wrapped in protective plastic

Flat Sheets

These large flat bed sheets are also known as flat sheets or full sheets. They are designed to fit a standard hospital bed.

  • Large sheet – 112” W x 66”
  • Features a blue hem for color-coded size identification
  • No property marks
  • Wrapped in protective plastic

Fitted Sheets

These fitted gurney sheets are designed to fit gurney-type beds used in surgery centers or hospitals, as well as smaller massage tables and stretcher tables. White standard fitted sheets are designed to fit most healthcare mattresses.

  • Cotton blend sheeting
  • Red hem stitching for easy identification


These pillowcases are designed to accommodate most standard sized medical pillows. The design is slightly smaller than a normal size pillowcase to keep the pillow fitted and minimize pillow use.

  • Slightly undersized
  • Linen fabric pillowcases


Bath blankets and thermal blankets are sized to fit most hospital beds and used in conjunction with white bed sheets. Bath blankets may also be used to wrap and dry patients after bathing while thermal blankets provide more warmth.

Bath Blankets

  • White – 50/50 blend
  • Medium weight
  • Tightly woven
  • Absorbent blanket
  • Wrapped in protective plastic

Thermal Blankets

  • White – 100% cotton
  • Medium weight
  • Tightly woven
  • Medium weight
  • Wrapped in protective plastic


Underpads are soft and absorbent, performing as a barrier between the patient and any given surface. Underpads always lay flat with no bunching or rolling and are often used during patient procedures to minimize clean up.

  • Soft, durable twill facing
  • Vintex knit barrier
  • Absorbent underpads
  • Packaged in protective plastic

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