7 Scrub Rental Service Benefits for Medical Organizations

April 1, 2022 by Nixon Medical

In an effort to serve the overwhelming waves of patients throughout the pandemic, healthcare and medical organizations increasingly look to outsource their medical uniform inventory management operations through scrub rental programs that handle delivery, pickup, and laundering.

Since the pandemic began, leading uniform service companies have cited a significant rise in the adoption of managed uniform programs, particularly in the healthcare industry. Businesses that hadn’t previously considered outsourcing their medical linens are rapidly welcoming the concept, as in-house scrub and medical linen processing capacity becomes impossible to maintain.

Are you considering outsourcing your medical linens with a scrub rental service? You should know a few things first. Follow along as we cover the basics of scrub rental programs and the 7 benefits it brings to medical organizations.

What is a Scrub Rental Program?

A scrub rental program is an end-to-end medical linen processing solution that offers ease and convenience to healthcare service providers. With Nixon Medical’s scrub rental program, pickup, delivery, laundering, and inventory management are all handled by a dedicated Route Service Representative and HLAC-certified team. Scrub sets are delivered on hangers, folded, or wrapped. You choose the scrubs – we do the rest.

As a premier medical scrubs distributor, Nixon Medical uses sophisticated tracking systems and scrub dispensing machines that ensure your medical staff and clinicians always have fast and convenient access to the scrub sets they need.

7 Ways Scrub Rental Services Benefit Medical Organizations

Scrub rental programs have become vital to efficient operations for countless healthcare providers across the country. Proving to be beneficial to organizations’ bottom line and to the healthcare professionals and staff who wear these garments, rental programs are becoming synonymous with exceptional medical care. Let’s look at the details of these seven benefits to understand why so many healthcare organizations choose scrub rental and outsourcing programs.

1. Low Up-Front Adoption Costs
The adoption costs of implementing a scrub rental program are low because of the nature of the rental program. In the case of Nixon Medical, we own all the scrubs and handle all the laundering and logistics. We need nothing from the healthcare organization other than the rental charge.

2. Time and Cost Savings for Operations
Outsourcing medical uniform inventory with a scrub rental program takes the burden off operational staff and managers. People can finally spend less time worrying about cost-driven operations like clean and dirty scrubs and uniform management and more time focusing on productive operations and greater organizational goals.

3. Improved Brand Image
When all employees wear the same uniform, you provide patients, guests, and visitors with a homogenous and professional experience. Nixon Medical scrubs and uniforms also benefit from our in-house embroidery and industrial laundering capabilities, which are HLAC-certified and infinitely superior to any home washer, ensuring a truly clean, safe, and comfortable experience.

4. Improved Facility Security
When all employees wear the same uniform throughout a facility or department, it’s easier for security staff and personnel to identify people who shouldn’t be in the area, helping to mitigate staff safety risks and improve security.

5. Improved Staff and Patient Safety
Nixon Medical’s industrial laundering techniques are significantly more effective in ensuring cleanliness and consistency than employees could achieve by washing their own uniforms. Also, our professional process for handling soiled scrubs prevents the risk of cross-contamination and staff bringing soiled scrubs home with them. All staff always have access to clean and safe scrubs, without question.

6. Improved Convenience
Nixon Medical’s scrub rental program includes the installation of sanitary and convenient on-site scrub dispensing machines. Staff can quickly and easily dispose of soiled scrubs and access fresh ones whenever needed.

7. Reduced Employee Burden
Outsourcing your medical linens operations to a professional scrub rental service eliminates the time and expenses these processes cost your front-line workers. At Nixon Medical, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional scrub rental solutions that medical professionals can genuinely appreciate in their everyday lives by reducing the time, money, and energy they have to spend on necessary medical equipment.

Getting Started With Scrub Rental Services

Scrub rental services – they’re inexpensive to get started with, highly efficient to maintain, convenient, safe, and can truly improve the experience for both healthcare providers and patients. If you’re not currently outsourcing your medical linens with a scrub rental service, now’s the time to start.

Browse our line of premium medical scrubs and scrub sets, including bottoms, tops, tunics, and warmup jackets in various colors and sizes. Nixon Medical scrubs are made of soft, high-performance fabric that empowers healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a member of our team about your scrub rental needs, please contact us.

Written by Nixon Medical

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