Earning Your Trust: Why We’re the Customer’s Choice for Medical Apparel and Linens

January 8, 2024 by Nixon Medical

At the heart of a thriving outpatient healthcare center lies the delicate balance between patient satisfaction and the efficient management of essential resources. For office managers in such facilities, this includes ensuring the proper supply of top-notch medical apparel and linens. Choosing a reliable medical apparel and linens vendor is far from a minor detail; it’s the linchpin for success in today’s demanding healthcare landscape.

Nixon Medical has been at the forefront of medical apparel and linen rental and laundering services since 1967. In our five decades of service, we’ve embraced a fundamental truth: we’re more than a vendor to the outpatient centers we serve; we’re partners in fostering an environment that prioritizes safety, preparedness, and patient satisfaction.

With gratitude and a profound sense of responsibility, we’re humbled to announce that we’ve earned the title of “Customer’s Choice” through a recent study—a recognition that affirms our commitment to providing outpatient centers with high-quality service, known as the Nixon Medical Service Difference™.

Customer’s Choice for Medical Apparel and Linens

In a third-party research study conducted in 2023, likely customers were asked to rate their experiences with Nixon Medical and other medical apparel and linen vendors. For the seventh consecutive year, we secured the highest satisfaction score—an honor we dedicate to our most valuable stakeholders: our customers. We’re proud to have surpassed industry standards in the following categories:

  • On-time deliveries: Ensuring timely deliveries is crucial for the smooth operation of healthcare facilities. At Nixon Medical, we take pride in consistently meeting delivery schedules, and understanding the impact it has on your operations.
  • Inventory management: The role of inventory management cannot be understated. Our expert inventory management program ensures you always have the apparel and linens you need, avoiding supply shortages or surplus inventory costs.
  • Communication: Communication is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. Nixon Medical places paramount importance on maintaining clear and consistent communication with our clients, including through our Three Points of Service Review.
  • Cleaning (laundering): The cleanliness of linens is pivotal for the health and safety of patients. At Nixon Medical, our laundering process is HLAC-accredited, ensuring your linens are cleaned and sanitized by OSHA and CDC standards.
  • Ironed linens: Crisp, professionally ironed linens are a crucial element in creating a welcoming and professional environment. Nixon Medical is committed to ensuring linens are well-maintained and impeccably presented.

With these key service areas in mind, we’re delighted to share ten reasons why Nixon Medica earned your vote as the Customer’s Choice for medical apparel and linens.

Our 10 Commitments That Have Earned & Kept Your Trust

  1. Expert Inventory Management
    Our advanced linen inventory management system guarantees you’ll always have what you need. Utilizing intelligent barcode scanning and par-level reviews, we remove the hassle of lost or stolen garments and adjust seamlessly to changing patient volumes.
  2. Anytime Access to Route Service Representatives
    We provide a direct line to your dedicated Route Service Representative (RSR). If you ever have an unexpected request or need to make changes, we’re just a phone call away.
  3. Free Same-Day Deliveries for Unexpected Needs
    Sometimes, your healthcare facility may encounter unexpected demands. We offer free same-day special deliveries to ensure you’re always prepared for any situation.
  4. High-Touch, Multi-Tiered Service Teams
    Our multi-tiered service teams are committed to delivering personalized, high-quality service. Your RSR is supported by our service team, our customer service team, and our leadership team, who are actively engaged in your support.
  5. Easy Payment Solutions
    Our flexible payment solutions simplify the billing process. Xpress Pay is our secure bill payment feature located directly within your customer portal that centralizes your payments, saves time, reduces paper usage, and allows for same-day payments.
  6. Predictable, No-Surprise Billing
    Transparency and predictability are core to our billing philosophy. Our proactive Loss-Damage Protection (LDP) program shields you from unexpected costs for lost or damaged apparel and garments using a standardized, percentage-based approach.
  7. Inventory Par Levels with No-Minimums
    We understand that every healthcare facility is unique. We work with you to create tailored agreements with no minimum commitments on inventory par levels for added flexibility as we recognize that patient volumes fluctuate.
  8. HLAC-Accredited Outpatient Specialists
    Our commitment to quality includes HLAC Accreditation, ensuring our facilities, trucks, and laundering techniques meet OSHA, CDC, and HLAC standards, reducing cross-contamination risks from soiled and hazardous medical linens.
  9. Three Points of Service Review
    Experience continuous improvement through our Three Points of Service Review, offering transparency and clarity during every regularly scheduled visit. At each visit, your RSR will tell you what they did, what they’re doing next, and ask if there’s anything more you need.
  10. Safe, Contact-Free Service Approach
    Prioritizing safety, our contact-free service approach includes RSRs entering through side or back entrances, heat-sealed packaging to maintain garment sanitation, and more to protect your staff and patients in today’s environment.

Experience Our Dedication to Excellence for Yourself

Whether you’re already committed to a vendor or exploring new options, we stand ready to assist you in ensuring your outpatient center benefits from superior service. At Nixon Medical, our dedication to providing exceptional medical apparel and linens is exemplified by your choice to choose us!

Contact us today and discover how we can enhance the standard of service at your outpatient healthcare center and experience the Nixon Medical difference firsthand.

Written by Nixon Medical

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