The Surprising Importance of Medical Linen Services

December 14, 2022 by Nixon Medical

The number of industries that use laundry services, from hospitality to manufacturing, may surprise you. Many laundering companies cater to a wide array of clients and use the same trucks, facilities, and procedures across the board. This doesn’t work in the medical field.

The linens used in facilities like outpatient healthcare centers require special attention to ensure that hazardous bacteria cannot pass through soiled linens. That’s why some businesses, like Nixon Medical, specialize in medical laundry services. These companies only provide laundry and linen management for healthcare facilities. This allows them to provide the extra care needed to protect patients and healthcare professionals and make healthcare facility administrators’ jobs much more manageable.

From pick-up and delivery to accredited cleaning methods, specialized healthcare linen services are integral to the safety, compliance, and success of outpatient facilities. Learn more about the critical importance of leveraging specialized medical laundry services in outpatient settings.



Healthcare linen service vendors specialize in reducing the risk of contamination in every part of their process, requiring experience and resources that generalized laundering services lack. This can be a severe burden if attempted in-house, eating up hours, depleting staff capabilities, and draining finances.

By outsourcing laundering to experienced medical linen service providers, administrators can protect patients and staff from the dangers posed by bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that lead directly to disease and infections. The right provider will appropriately launder, package, and deliver linens to be safe and ready for use in an outpatient facility without the unnecessary burden of moving these processes in-house.



Appearances matter! The success of any healthcare endeavor hinges on the professional atmosphere and appearance of your facility and staff. No one wants to enter a healthcare facility only to find that the staff is disheveled, the exam rooms or other areas are dirty, and other patients are unhappy.

So, proper linen inventory management and apparel is a must. The right medical linen services provide clean linens and apparel for staff and keep your facility from looking like a storage closet with timely deliveries that meet your needs without overburdening your storage capacity. When you partner with a vendor that provides medical linens instead of disposable, paper products, you’re also more likely to improve patient satisfaction and happiness.



Managing a healthcare facility can be incredibly complicated and burdensome for administrators. An overbearing workload for these individuals can be detrimental to operations, making proper and timely care impossible. Medical laundry services can ease some of the burdens. Specialized laundry and linen management companies can adequately care for every aspect of your medical apparel and linen needs. That means on-time deliveries and expert inventory management of safe and necessary products that fit your facility’s day-to-day operations without added headaches.



Healthcare linen services must go beyond making your linens and apparel look clean. You have to take utmost care to guarantee proper sanitation to the highest degree. To properly sanitize healthcare linens, the processes, trucks, and facilities must meet regulated standards set by OSHA, the CDC, the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council, and APIC. Meeting these standards means medical linens are adequately sanitized, and those potentially vulnerable people you’re responsible for are safe. You can’t risk using laundering services that do not meet these requirements.



The cost of laundering medical linens can be pretty hefty when done in-house. You would need special equipment, expensive and powerful machinery, and the space to house everything. Instead, you could shift the necessary resources to take your laundry and linen management in-house to better your care capabilities, allowing you to invest in better tools and machinery for your medical facility and opt for specialized medical linen services. Not only will this save you the need to invest in the necessary cleaning machinery, but it will also save you money in lost and destroyed linens, a more costly pitfall than you may realize. Experienced healthcare linen services have established processes safeguarding loss, allowing you to focus on providing better care and managing your facility.


Medical Laundry Services from Nixon Medical

Nixon Medical is a leading service provider of medical linens and apparel for outpatient healthcare centers nationwide. We understand your needs and the industry better than an outsourcing, non-specialized laundry service and can save you countless hours and dollars compared to in-house laundry and linen management. Our HLAC-accredited laundering services ensure the linens we provide are safe, sanitary, and meet industry regulations on all levels. And our expert inventory management ensures you always have adequate stock when you need it most.


Here’s what you can expect when you partner with Nixon Medical:


  • HLAC-accredited laundering services
  • Easy payment solutions
  • No minimums required, ever
  • Free deliveries for unexpected needs
  • Contact-free service model
  • Anytime access to route service representative


Specialized outpatient medical linen services are an absolute must if you want to prioritize care, safety, and professionalism without taking on additional burdens. If you’re ready to switch to a specialized provider, Nixon Medical is ready to provide you with industry-leading services. Let’s chat about what you can expect from our industry experts and HLAC-accredited laundering services.

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