Switching Vendors 101: Don’t Settle for a Subpar Medical Laundry Service

November 30, 2022 by Nixon Medical

As an outpatient office manager, you rely on your medical laundry service to provide freshly laundered medical linens and apparel. Your office requires the proper inventory levels to operate throughout the week and serve patients with the utmost safety, comfort, and professionalism. With a busy medical staff and steady patient volume, you can’t afford to have an inconsistent medical laundry service.

Unfortunately, inconsistency isn’t uncommon with an average healthcare laundry service. Offices that partner with subpar medical laundry services can experience many problems: poor communication, paying for unused products, strict terms, and agreements, and mismanaged or lost inventory. These issues not only put your outpatient practice at risk of appearing unprepared and unprofessional but also take valuable time and attention away from what matters most: the patient experience.

Your medical practice deserves a medical laundry service that goes above and beyond the expectations of a service agreement. If you’re unhappy with your current medical laundry service, it’s time to switch. Use these tips to seamlessly transition your medical laundry service to a better provider.

How to Switch Healthcare Laundry Services

So, you’re unhappy with your current medical laundry service and considering switching vendors. Now that you’re researching alternatives, it’s likely you’ve already voiced concerns to your current service provider but haven’t seen improvements. While having to switch can be disappointing, it’s also an opportunity to find a healthcare laundry service that’s equipped and enthusiastic about meeting your medical office’s needs.

Before switching your medical laundry service, ensure your plan to change services won’t violate your current contract’s terms and conditions. Once you confirm that you aren’t at risk of violating the terms of your existing agreement, submit a ‘non-renewal agreement’ notification to your current provider before your contract automatically renews. This gives you time to review your options and ensure that your practice and patients are getting the best value and service.

In the meantime, you’ll want to find the right healthcare laundry service for your office. You can arrange for the new service to take over immediately once your current contract terminates.

Things to Ask a Prospective Medical Laundry Service

You want to find a medical laundry service provider you can trust to meet your needs. There are a few areas you’ll want to vet to ensure you’re making the best decision for your practice, clinicians, and patients, including: service levels and satisfaction scores, responsiveness from the representative, payment terms and pricing models, agreement and terms flexibility, inventory management expertise, and time investment from your staff. To properly vet prospective vendors for these things, ask questions like:

  • What makes your service better than other vendors?
  • What makes your pricing model more competitive?
  • What does your selection of inventory look like?
  • What type of reputation do you have in the industry?
  • Are other outpatient centers happy with you?

How Nixon Medical Stacks Up

Nixon Medical is a healthcare laundry service that works with over 10,000+ medical centers, providing full managed HLAC-accredited medical laundry services, product fulfillment, and inventory management services. When you choose us, you’re choosing peace of mind for your medical practice. Get an inside look at how Nixon Medical has helped medical facilities like yours thrive.

Here are some benefits to expect when working with us:

  • Easy payment solutions
  • No minimums required, ever
  • Free deliveries for unexpected needs
  • Contact-free service model
  • Anytime access to route service representative

Get a Free “Vendor Switch” Consultation Today

If these benefits resonate with you, but the idea of switching vendors feels overwhelming—don’t worry. We’ve thought through every detail to make your transition to Nixon Medical as smooth as possible, starting with a free “Vendor Switch” consultation. In this complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss:

  • Your inventory and service requirements
  • Details of our healthcare service agreements
  • Our competitive flat-rate payment options

Don’t settle for a subpar medical laundry service any longer. Get in touch with us now and see why our satisfaction score is 50% higher than other vendors.

Written by Nixon Medical

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