Lab Coat Rental Program Benefits You Never Knew About

May 4, 2022 by Nixon Medical

Modern healthcare providers face many challenges in providing patients and practitioners with healthy, safe experiences. Ongoing waves of illness and the time and energy it takes to manage and maintain medical laundry operations are too much for many medical centers to handle alone. Fortunately, specialized service providers like Nixon Medical provide lab coat rental services that not only relieve the pressures of the modern healthcare landscape but also offer several benefits outpatient centers increasingly rely on to streamline operations, reduce costs, elevate the professionalism of their brand, and more.

Read through our lab coat rental program benefits you never knew about to learn how this convenient, cost-effective, customizable solution can lead to better patient and practitioner experiences.


Lab coat rental services are massively convenient, thanks primarily to the comprehensive laundry, stocking, and management solutions that come with them. An end-to-end lab coat rental service includes cleaning solutions to ensure every clinician who dons a lab coat can be confident their garment is clean, fresh, and professional-looking. Fresh and clean lab coats also provide comfort and protection to the wearer and more consistent patient experiences.

By outsourcing lab coat solutions to an HLAC-accredited medical apparel specialist like Nixon Medical, medical centers eliminate expensive and time-consuming laundry tasks, reduce pressure on staff, and relieve unnecessary physical and financial strains on your dedicated healthcare workers. Nixon Medical also offers free expedited special deliveries so that healthcare professionals have access to the garments they need, even during the absolute busiest surges.


Lab coats inevitably get contaminated by hazardous biological and chemical substances–that’s what they’re meant to protect the wearer from, after all! But guaranteeing that every lab coat is perfectly sanitized before each use is no simple task. It takes expensive commercial equipment and experienced technicians to install, operate, and maintain commercial laundry operations. Maintaining an organized, usable inventory is also a 24/7 task that costs significant time and energy.

With an effective lab coat rental program, your inventory management for medical apparel becomes straightforward, easier, and more cost-effective. In a world where even parts of the US have faced severe shortages of available beds, the space saved through outsourcing offers valuable opportunities to reallocate space for more critical needs.


Want to ensure every healthcare worker in your facility promotes your medical center in a consistent, professional light? Lab coat rental services enable facilities to customize their entire stock of garments with unique styles, lengths, and sizes. Leading medical garment providers like Nixon Medical offer embroidery services to add names, logos, and more for those seeking even more personalization.

Realizing These Benefits with Nixon Medical

There are a lot of laundry services out there that claim to handle medical garments, but it takes a proven, enterprise solution to solve the needs of the biggest hospitals and health systems. For many, the first and only choice is Nixon Medical. Here’s why.

Our Xpert Inventory Management™ solutions ensure you never have to worry about lost or stolen garments and linens again. Rather, every item in your facility will be tracked through intelligent inventory management solutions, eliminating the burden of unavailable garments and linens for your clinicians and patients and preventing your facility from repurchasing costly inventory.

With streamlined barcode scanning technology, our Route Service Representatives use handheld PDA devices to track every clean and soiled garment by size, wearer, and finishing method and bills the correct wearer for missing ones. If garments are removed from the premises, our detailed inventory and tracking systems help identify the last wearer and quickly locate missing items.

Another key feature that truly makes us stand out is our advanced HLAC-accredited, in-house laundering facilities. We’re proud to operate the country’s most advanced, healthcare-specific laundering facilities. The opportunity for cross-contamination is eliminated through a sophisticated system using negative airflow and physical separation between soiled and clean products in both our facilities and delivery vehicles. We process all laundry using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that meet or exceed hospital standards and ensure patients and providers have the best experience possible.

We’re always happy to provide documentation regarding the many health-critical features of our advanced laundering solutions, including:

  • Exposure control plan
  • Bloodborne pathogens requirements
  • Facility cleaning policies and procedures
  • HLAC accreditation
  • Laundry facility statements

It’s important to note that no two medical centers are the same. That’s why we customize all laundry services to meet any specifications or special requests, such as laundering temperatures, wash formulas, and titration reports.

Getting Started with a Lab Coat Rental Program

Lab coat rental programs are convenient, cost-effective, customizable, and offer the flexibility to handle the ebb and flow of high-volume healthcare centers under any conditions. If you’re not currently outsourcing your lab coats with a rental service, it’s time to start.

Unlike buying lab coats, renting custom lab coats for your outpatient facility offers eliminates upfront costs and the hassle of employing third-party dry cleaners. Our white lab coats and doctor coats come in various styles, lengths, and sizes for men and women. Learn more about our lab coat rental program here, and contact us with any questions!


Written by Nixon Medical

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