What they’re saying...

“We were tired of laundry service reps changing on a weekly basis. We never knew who was coming. Nixon provided us with a dedicated person to manage our account. We also benefitted from improved product quality and active inventory maintenance.” Cheryl Semmel, Director of Nursing

Northwood Surgery Center

“We had noticed a slow, steady decline in service from our former linen rental vendor. Replacing them with Nixon has meant we no longer worry about whether or not a product is clean. Everything looks good and we always have what we need.” Paula Fearnow, Purchasing Manager

Virginia Urology Associates

“We searched for a laundry service vendor in tune with our needs. As Nixon customers since 2006, we know we can count on them for consistent, clean product delivery. And our route service representative knows everybody and we see him as part of our team.” Barbara Mace, Materials Manager

Shore Outpatient Surgicenter