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Refer a Customer to Nixon Medical and Get Paid!

Know of a healthcare facility that would benefit from our services? When you refer a practice to us and they become a Nixon Medical customer, or if you add an additional location to your account, you’ll receive payment as credit toward your account!

Submit Your Referral Here

We’ll reach out to the referral or you shortly!

Common Facility Types
You Can Refer


  • Urgent Care Clinics
  • Primary Care Clinics
  • X-Ray, MRI, and Other
    Imaging Centers
  • Surgery Centers
  • Specialist Offices
  • Women’s Health

How It Works

Identify a new or
additional location
that needs our

Use the form
above to refer
them to Nixon

We will reach out 
to them or you,
depending on
the referral type

if they become a
customer, you’ll recieve
a payment 
as credit
towards your account*

*Calculating the Credit

Payment for customer referrals is calculated at twice the customer’s weekly rate for a one-time credit issued to your account. For example, if a referred customer’s weekly rate is $150, you’ll receive $300. The maximum credit is $1,000 for each account added.

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